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Negg main sponsor for ICSA Foundation at the Italian Chamber of Deputies

02 Dec 2018

Great participation, strong engagement and top-level science: ICSA conference can certainly be called a success and Negg has been one of the main sponsors of the event.

The conference, entitled “Il grande salto. Le PMI dell’aerospazio della difesa e della sicurezza tra cultura d’impresa politiche industriali e innovazione”, took place in Rome on 7 of December, in the very charming venue of the "Sala della Lupa" at Montecitorio Palace, the Italian Parliament’s headquarters.

During the debate have spoken, among the other, Gen. Leonardo Tricarico, president of the ICSA Foundation, Edmondo Ciriello, deputy of Fratelli d’Italia party and Raffaele Volpi, the undersecretary of defence.

The discussion was focused on the prevalent entrepreneurial thinking in the aerospace sector and on how to trigger a qualitative growth of the small and medium-sized companies in this specific field.

Namely, the speakers discussed the strategic value of the production processes, the sectorial perspectives of organizational and technical innovation, the strategies aimed at supporting export and how to create a sound networking among the SME in the aerospace field.

During the conference, a roundtable has been held involving Massimo Lucchesini, Member of the Board & General Manager of OMA SpA, gen. Pasquale Montegiglio, of the Arms National Board, Michele Nones, councilman of the International Affairs Institute, Luisa Franchini, of the ICSA Foundation, and Marco Zoff, Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Office of Leonardo.

Francesco Taccone, CEO of Negg, which last year was invited as a speaker as an expert in the cybersecurity sector (read news), said about “As always, great content, new and old experts, and small enough for really good conversations and for an in-depth evaluation of the topic. In Negg we love to support excellent meeting as a means of promoting awareness and knowledge”.