Accountant Department

Accounting Department | Financial Accountant Assistant/Executive Assistant

Job Number: ACDE20190722 – Rome, Reggio Calabria

Qualification: MU2 | University Master-2nd level | RAL 32k

Posted: 3 December 2019 – Weekly Hours: 40

negg® is seeking a Financial Accountant Assistant/Executive Assistant/ Executive Director to join its team.  

Key Competencies

  • Degree in Economics; 
  • Relevant pluriannual previous experience within the Accounting/Administrative/Finance fields;  
  • Ability to deploy information systems; 

The ideal candidate has also

  • Excellent problem-solving skills; 
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Corporate-oriented mindset; 
  • Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English;
  • Willingness to travel or relocate in Italy and abroad. 

The key responsibilities for the role include

  • Financial and fiscal management;
  • Monitoring accuracy, reliability, precision of data and economic information; 
  • Checking the client-supplier bookkeeping operations;
  • Providing technical support in economic-financial evaluations related to projects and orders; 
  • Management of cost and industrial accounting, planning and management control; 
  • Managing rectification accounting records until the drafting of the Annual Financial Accounts; 
  • Drafting quarterly balance sheet for business unit and operating budget; 
  • Budget monitoring; 
  • Drafting precise and reliable reports; 
  • Establish administrative and accounting procedures, tax and financial strategy; 
  • Preparing final and forecast cashflow;
  • Improvement and development of budgeting and forecasting procedures, and reporting to CEO; 
  • Monitoring Audit, Risk Management and Anti-Money Laundering functions; 
  • Management of facilitated finance and regional contributions; 
  • Management of tenders and procurement activities; 
  • Management of remote banking and daily contact with credit institutions and banks; 
  • Periodical reviewing of balances and lines of credits with appropriate financial projections; 
  • Group accounting; 
  • Collaborate with Top Management to establish specific goals and plans to prioritise, organise and accomplish projects/company goals; 
  • Liaise with external auditors and control bodies. 

The interested candidates, of either sex, can send a detailed curriculum vitae, complete with photos and authorization for the processing of personal data (DLGS 196/2003).