Legal Bureau

Legal Bureau | Corporate Legal Assistant

Job Number: LBGSA0100 – Rome

Qualification: LS | 2nd cycle university degree | RAL 25k

Posted: 28 August 2018 – Weekly Hours: 40

We are looking for a Corporate Legal Assistant.

The candidate will work in Legal office and must be have this skills:

  • Experience as Legal Assistant
  • Knowledge of the industry’s standards and regulations 
  • Experience in international law 
  • Experts in contracts 
  • Knowledge of the dual use regulations 
  • Excellent knowledge of reporting procedures and record keeping
  • Revise procedures, reports etc. periodically to identify hidden risks or non-conformity issues 
  • Draft, modify and implement company policies
  • Collaborate with corporate counsels and HR departments to monitor enforcement of standards and regulations

The interested candidates, of either sex, can send a detailed curriculum vitae, complete with photos and authorization for the processing of personal data (DLGS 196/2003).