Research & Development

R&D | System Administrator

Job Number: RDSA191205 – Rome

Qualification: Diploma | RAL 32k

Posted: 5 December 2019 – Weekly Hours: 40

Our team is constantly working to ensure the highest levels of operational security in order to preserve customers, stakeholders and developers of negg®.
As System Administrator, you will need to manage all internal systems and network devices.

Minimum qualifications
  • Relevant work experience as System Administrator;
  • High knowledge of networking (Protocol, switch, router, ecc.);
  • Good knowledge in security network (Firewall, VPN, ecc.);
  • Good knowledge of Linux and Windows.

Favorite qualifications
  • Masters in Computer Science or important networking certifications.

The interested candidates, of either sex, can send a detailed curriculum vitae, complete with photos and authorization for the processing of personal data (DLGS 196/2003).